Dedicated Members

Each member of our broad brings a unique perspective that makes the work we do possible. Fresh ideas, innovative spirit, and the desire to impact lives effected by extreme poverty, is what unifies our team.

Dr. Serggio Garcia-Guillen

Micromolecular Medicine 

Most of Dr. Serggio Garcia-Guillen’s life has been focused around the wonderful healing and medical arts, including the Red Cross and biomolecular medicine. He graduated as a medical doctor in Monterrey Mexico. He is an Urban Zen Integrative Therapist, Certified of Sciences in Theta healing, and a Reiki Usui Master.

Dr. Serggio believes that everything with the pure and right intention from our hearts can be used as a medicine, then bring us closer to healing.
He is currently working as an Integrative Therapist providing mental, spiritual support one to one as well teaching Theta healing seminar/workshops internationally.

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More of our team

Kellee Everts

Kellee Everts

Kann Succeed Enterprises

Andrew Fumento

Advertising & Entertainment Copywriter

Jan Grobler

Jan Grobler

Life and Transformation Coach

Nana Kontor Nketiah

Philanthropist & Finance