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Each member of our broad brings a unique perspective that makes the work we do possible. Fresh ideas, innovative spirit, and the desire to impact lives effected by extreme poverty, is what unifies our team.

Andrew Fumento

Entertainment & Advertising Copywriter/Humanitarian

I’m a Copywriter who also directs radios spots in the Marketing & Advertising, and Entertainment industries.

​I specialize in Humor and Heart.

I’ve been a writer as long as I can remember. My dad taught me to walk by having me hold a pen instead of his finger. He let go of the pen, I kept walking. I’ve had a pen in my hand ever since.

I also have a lifelong love of advertising. I wrote my first “commercial,” for Jif peanut butter, when I was in third grade. I convinced my parents and two thirds of my friends’ parents to switch to Jif with my slogan, “Choosy parents choose Jif!” — not a bad conversion rate for my first ad!

Fast forward… I’m now a Copywriter for media and technology companies including Lenovo, Philips Interactive, Sony, Warner Bros., and Universal.

At Warner Home Entertainment, I was a Senior Copywriter — and later, the Director of Editorial — producing, writing, and editing the content on over 10,000 Warner titles and on multiple entertainment websites. I also produced special features and online content, and designed user interfaces with innovative navigational functionality and structure.

I’ve produced creative content for everything from billboards and radio to multimedia and social media campaigns. In my spare time, I write public service announcements. I’ve written more pro bono PSA video scripts & campaigns than anyone in the multiverse! I’m always trying to make the world a better place, especially for children and those who used to be children. I’m humbled and honored to sit on the Desire to Inspire Foundation’s Board of Directors. Desire to Inspire is a nonprofit that connects with communities globally to break the cycle of extreme poverty.

I create unforgettable advertising moments with humorous, heartfelt and memorable copy, capturing customers’ attention and making a positive, lasting impression. I can help you grow your business and connect to your customers through humor with heart.

​But don’t just take my word for it…

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