Be: A Collection with Friends

We all have the power to make someone’s day a little brighter or a little worse. We have the power, perhaps even the sacred mission, to deliver our own messages of love, courage, kindness and peace and watch the world become a better place as a result.

Enjoy this inspiring, uplifting collection of words to live by. This delightful book will change the way you see the world.

Proceeds from the sale of this eBook will benefit the Desire to Inspire Foundation.  Order your copy today!

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Dawn Witte is a fiercely passionate & driven woman, fueled by grace & an infinite source of unconditional love.  Her level of commitment to serve our world as an extraordinary light &  educator of awareness is phenomenal. Dawn is not only willing to do the work of a Saint, her life is thriving because of it.  I adore the way she delights in service.  She lights up the cosmos with her brilliance by taking action & truly healing lives.  

Ali Mae Thompson, Light Worker, Healing Artist, Kundalini Yoga Instructor

Be: A Coloring Journal Planner That Celebrates Living a Life of Purpose

Express your innermost thoughts and dreams and begin turning your plans into a beautiful reality.

It’s all about who and how you choose to Be in this world.

Today has never happened before and it never will again. When we believe each day is a gift, we can live our most beautiful and happiest of lives. Here in these pages are quotes to inspire, images to color, and a place to write your heart’s desires.

Through the lens of 7 powerful words–LOVE, GRATEFUL, KIND, INSPIRED, HAPPY, GENUINE, and STRONG–celebrate your wins and the wonders of each day … AND express yourself through the joys of coloring every step of the way.

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Dawn has written a masterful and moving book on the powerful simplicity of LOVE.  Her words of wisdom are grounded in her true experience of living a life from love, and she shares how each and every one of us can experience true fulfillment and happiness every day from who we choose to BE.

Laura Swan, Women's Transformational Coach Author, and Leadership Mentor

Recipes of Being: The Power of Seven

Would you like seven power tools to help you sort through life’s twists and turns with grace and ease?

What could you accomplish and dream and create if you had simple self-care tools to call forth whenever you need to?

Welcome to Recipes for BEing:The Power of Seven ~ a book that delves into seven words that help you celebrate living your life of purpose by design ~ kind, grateful, inspired, happy, strong, genuine and love. The co-authors of Recipes for BEing: The Power of Seven live these words and are well-versed in self-care. Their stories and ideas will tune you in, tune you up, and set you on a course for living your BEst life, your way.

Recipes for BEing: The Power of Seven incorporates coloring elements and journaling pages ~ you’re going to like it here!

Welcome to your pocket tools:

~ kind, grateful, inspired, happy, strong, genuine and love ~

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