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Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone is located in West-Central Africa, on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. It falls among the poorest countries in the world at 70% of its population living below the poverty line.

It remains very difficult for certain children to go to school, particularly in remote regions of the country. Often these kids are recruited by armed groups that kidnap them at an early age and force them to live under the most atrocious conditions. Young girls are abducted and raped, while the boys are forced to become soldiers.  On orders from their chiefs, they are forced to kill and massacre entire families. There are many issues that effect the young children of Sierra Leone.

  • Child Labor

  • Infectious Diseases 

  • Child Marriage

Our Partnership

Save the Young Girls Foundation

The mission is to empower young girls to grow up to be self-sustainable, confident women. These girls often have a rough start in life. We exist to be a safe-haven for them to come to in time of need, to be able to get food and shelter if needed, and to help be available for after-school programs. We teach our girls self-respect and confidence and cannot wait to see them grow up to be successful, powerful women!

Our Impact

Moved children from one room home on Rokupa Wharf where the 31 girls slept on the floor to a home with beds in Waterloo.  Provided food, housing, and basic medical

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