Ghana is particularly a poor country. The Gross National Income (GNI) is, for example, more than 10 times lower than that of Argentina. Despite these unsatisfactory numbers, the exceptional progress that the country recently made reducing poverty should be noted.

While making the reduction of poverty one of its priorities, the government became a considerable and exemplary success in the heart of the African continent but other issues still pose a threat to the young lives of Ghana.

  • Child Labor

  • Sexual Discrimination 

  • Child Marriage

Our Partnership

You at Heart Foundation

With gratitude to our local partnerships, the Desire to Inspire Foundation is able to help bring sustainable change and growth to these communities. We are bridging the gaps between rich and poor, gender inequality and human rights.

A Safe Space

We are building orphanages, schools, churches and playgrounds.

Bringing Joy

Our staff are working hard to help these children experience all the happiness, love and possibilities life has to offer.

Our Projects

Health Screenings

Since 2017, we have been collaborating with the You at Heart Foundation to bring medical services to those who are at risk of Malaria, Tetanus, physicals, breast screening and other diseases that threaten the lives of this community.

The Borehole

Funds that we have raised has allowed us to complete life-changing projects like providing clean water for an entire village.

Vocational Training

By providing education and training, we are giving the children of Ghana the tools needed to enrich the community and build a sustainable future.

Sick Bay

Close to 30% of births are not officially registered. As a result, these children don’t have an official identity or a nationality. With the right education and proper health screening, these children will be able to ensure their identities and build a thriving community.

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