Dedicated Members

Each member of our broad brings a unique perspective that makes the work we do possible. Fresh ideas, innovative spirit, and the desire to impact lives effected by extreme poverty, is what unifies our team.

Jan Grobler

Jan Grobler

Life & Transformation Coach

He believes that every human life has genius with which to gift this world and he enjoys the discovery of his client’s own unique potential.

Jan is also a Cognitive Behavioral Therapist, Spiritualist and Teacher – using all his gifts coupled with Neurolinguistics to give a con- solidated experience of just how amazing his client is!

Additionally, Jan is a public speaker and enjoys connecting with audiences on various heart- centered and life changing topics. His Trans- formation Courses, designed to help people grow into the best version of themselves, can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

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More of our team

Deborah Louise Brown

Deborah Louise Brown

Publishing Book Coach

Nana Kontor Nketiah

Philanthropist & Finance

Dawn A Witte

Dawn Witte

Founder of Desire to Inspire

Andrew Fumento

Advertising & Entertainment Copywriter