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Each member of our broad brings a unique perspective that makes the work we do possible. Fresh ideas, innovative spirit, and the desire to impact lives effected by extreme poverty, is what unifies our team.

Adama Kalokoh

Founder of Impact Sierra Leone

Dr. Adama Kalokoh, a proud descendant of Sierra Leone has always had a passion for helping others and international development. Her parents instilled in her a deep sense of pride and appreciation for their Sierra Leonean heritage. As a former active duty member of the U.S Air Force who honorably served for 4 years, Dr. Kalokoh is a strong advocate for women and girls in Sierra Leone. She is the Founder of Impact Sierra Leone, an organization founded to reduce socioeconomic challenges in Sierra Leone through empowerment, education, and building strong partnerships with the Diaspora community. She hopes that her mission will inspire other descendants of Africa to embrace their culture and positively impact their home country.

Dr. Kalokoh completed her undergraduate studies at the University of the District of Columbia majoring in Public Health. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Health education. Upon conclusion of her education, Adama began volunteerism work with Americorps (2001-2003) as a Volunteer Director. She was inducted into the Americorps promise Fellowship. Her leadership led her to reach thousands of marginalized people at soup kitchens, shelters, and schools in the DC area. But her passion for Sierra Leone became a driving force. This deep appreciation led Adama to finally visit Sierra Leone in 2003, followed by three consecutive visits. Her passion for helping others and devotion to service has elevated her to serve on many board groups impacting Sierra Leone.

She currently serves as the Development Director for Save The Young Girls Foundation Orphanage as well as the U.S representative for several schools in Yonibana. Due to her experience of volunteerism, she felt a great sense of responsibility and inspiration to become an Ambassador and Agent-of-change for young girls and women in Sierra Leone. At the same time, she is working to sensitize, uplift, and reinforce women in Sierra Leone to role model as “actors of change,” Dr. Kalokoh has contributed meaningfully to the fields of Education and Health for vulnerable populations in her ancestral village. She chose, as primary focus, to help support women and girls in rural areas because of their huge lack of resources and access to services.

She has been honored and received recognition in Sierra Leone and the U.S as the Yonibana Brand Ambassador, Female Empowerment Entrepreneur and Chief Patron of the Yonibana Student Association (YOSA) Event, nominated as a 2019  Global Goodwill Ambassador and was among the Top 100 Recognized Human Rights Defenders in the United Nations 2019 Almanac. In addition, her commanding personality has made her a natural for hosting a series of successful fundraising events through collaboration with the community association and church organizations in the DC area between 2004 and 2020. She hopes to continue serving humanity through her missionary works.

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