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Project Description

Our Partnership

Save the Young Girls Foundation

We are dedicated to empowering the children of the Save the Young Girls Foundation, an orphanage in Sierra Leone, by providing a safe-haven of food and shelter. Once living in an extremely poor fishing community, 31 girls were exposed to filth and disease because of the horrendous conditions of the wharf. With little food and no beds these girls had little chance to survive.

In January 2019, we finalized relocation of the orphanage to a large home in Waterloo. Resources were provided to create education programs and beds for each of the girls. Farming and vocational training will continue to build confidence providing a brighter future for the community.

Our partnership with Impact Sierra Leone and volunteers on the ground, ensure we continue to stay connected and help develop sustainable opportunities.

Rokupa Wharf

Community Cleanup

The wharfs are filled with trash, human and animal feces, and insects which cause a great deal of illness and disease amongst the residents. Little by little we are gathering community members and partnering organizations to clean and revitalize these areas to protect its residents.

Rokupa Wharf, October 2019


As long as extreme poverty, unsanitary living conditions and disease persists, none of us can truly rest. It doesn’t take much to change a life, Get in touch today and start making the difference.


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