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Collaborating with other organizations has enabled us to extend our reach into communities that really need our help. The You at Heart Foundation and Teach for Growth have been amazing partners in making an impact.  From clean water to basic medical needs, we extend our gratitude to our local partnerships.

The Desire to Inspire Foundation continues to bring sustainable change and growth to these communities. From clean water to basic medical needs, our efforts in Ghana continue to uplift communities and bring hope.

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Clean Water

Water pollution is a major in cause of illness in Africa, from the poor human waste management to the industrial dumping. With people lacking a proper way to dispose of human waste in most parts of the African content, it slowly finds its way to the water sources. This leads to water that’s unsafe for human consumption as it gets contaminated with parasites, bacteria and other pollutants. Sadly (or due to lack of choice), you’ll find people still drinking this water or using it for other needs.

In Nzelezu, Mergina and Kasoa (coming December 2020) we drilled boreholes that provide enough clean water for thousands. This projects provide access to clean drinking water to rural households. Each donation allows us to make great impact in these impoverished communities.

Medical Aid

Access to any basic medical services were hours away from the village, often subjecting people to infections, pain and death. In 2017 we built a Sick Bay, providing the village of Nzelezu, and surrounding communities, with a much-needed medical facility.

The successful execution of this project brought to light the urgent need to establish a health post, where basic healthcare emergencies, information and education could be carried out. Our efforts were imperative to the community as the only access to these services are by a long canoe on the Amanzule waters.

  • 450 Patients

  • 126 cases of Malaria

  • 80 cases of Typhoid

  • 120 cases high blood pressure


As long as extreme poverty, unsanitary living conditions and disease persists, none of us can truly rest. It doesn’t take much to change a life, Get in touch today and start making the difference.


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