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The Brick Project

Bringing sustainable change to our children in Uganda

Mama Josephine has dedicated her life to raising orphan children after loosing her own family during war. With more than 60 mouths to feed, resources are limited, requiring them to live in an area that challenges their safety daily. Only a few feet from where these children pile into limited beds, is a nightclub that disrupts the community and puts the lives of the young girls at risk.

We have an opportunity to rebuild the orphanage on nearby land! Our partnership with a local brick-maker, Father Henry, provides the resources we need to make this impact. With each brick that is donated we can build a better life for these kids.

Path of Purpose

Each brick paves the way towards our bigger goal of building a sustainable development to relocate, house and inspire the children of Mama Josephine’s orphanage.

Mama Josephine with Desire to Inspire Founder, Dawn Witte.

Mama Josephine

Apio Josephine became a widow after her husband, two sons and daughter were brutally slaughtered by the Lakwena Rebels in 1986. In 1991, she gave her life to the children who had been orphaned with war insurgency and HIV/AIDS. She currently raises 67 orphans.

Father Henry

A local pastor dedicated to helping the community and raising orphan children while making bricks to make ends meet. His craftmanship is at the heart of our fundraiser to support his impact on the people of Uganda.

Sustainability Center

Our goal is create a center that impacts the development and forward thinking of these young minds. While this building will provide safety and stabilized shelter, there will be opportunities to implement agricultural initiatives, offer better quality education and provide tools to better harvest a sustainable community.

Community Impact

Our vision is to multiply our efforts in hope of building a better future for the many that are in need in Uganda. By purchasing the bricks from Father Henry, we are helping a local vendor support his family and community. Creating a safe location for young orphan children will limit exposure to sexual abuse, disease, and extreme hunger. Developing land into an agricultural resource generates revenue and food for the orphanage. The Busia community will know the impact of your donation as each brick is engraved with the names of their donor.

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