Deborah Louise Brown

Deborah Louise Brown

Deborah Louise Brown, Soulful Book Coach, Publisher and Product Creator. Deborah assists individuals in defining and joyfully expressing their messages and unique gifts. She combines high-touch and high-tech that enables visionary, spirited entrepreneurs to complete and publish their inspirational legacy books, coaching programs and workbooks.

Deborah has over 30 years’ experience as a publicist, marketer, editor, publisher, promotional consultant, and freelance commercial writer. As the co-host of over 1000 episodes of The Boomer and The Babe Show, Deborah has given voice to 78 million Baby Boomers from coast to coast. She currently operates a boutique firm that provides platform-building and publishing services for authorpreneurs, including editing and formatting their books. In addition to writing a series of marketing books and trying her hand at flash fiction, Deborah designs and illustrates coloring book journals for adults and storybooks for children. Connect with Deborah via PetersandBrownMarketing

Improving the world through excellent, memorable service…this is our mission. Kann Succeed
Enterprises specializes in creating five-star, exceptional service experiences in non-traditional
environments. From healthcare, physician groups, shopping centers, commercial real estate,
and retail, Kann Succeed is committed to helping their clients define and deliver legendary
service that results in increased customer retention. They offer customized training programs,
secret shopper programs, full-service concierge programs, leadership and executive coaching
uniquely suited for their client’s environment.

Ms. Everts has over 25 years’ experience in customer experience architecture, management,
and organizational development. As principal of Kann Succeed Enterprises, she partners with
her clients to develop and execute global customer experience strategies. Throughout her
career, she has designed and implemented customer experience programs for companies
ranging from 15 to 2,500 employees in a variety of industries from commercial real estate,
retail, entertainment and healthcare. Ms. Everts is known for applying an all-inclusive approach
to training and organizational development, focusing on even the minutest of details to ensure
superior service is delivered to all customer groups and stakeholders.

Kellee Everts is a multiple ICSC Maxi Merit award recipient for Public Relations in Corporate and
Shopping Centers. She is a member of the Customer Experience Professionals Association
(CXPA); International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC); International Luxury Hotel Association
(ILHA); International Customer Management Institute (ICMI); The Association for Talent
Development (ATD); and The Beryl Institute. She is a current board member for Beauty Bus, (2018 – 2020), and is a founding board member and professional
contributor for The Desire to Inspire Foundation.

Kellee Everts

Kellee Everts

Andrew Fumento

Andrew Fumento is a copywriter in the advertising and entertainment industries.

Andrew has been a writer as long as he can remember – his dad taught him to walk by
having him hold on to a pen instead of his finger. His dad let go of the pen, and Andrew kept
walking. He’s had a pen in his hand ever since!

Andrew also has a lifelong love of advertising. He wrote his first “commercial,” for Jif
peanut butter, when he was in third grade. He convinced his parents and two thirds of his
friends’ parents to switch to Jif with his slogan, “Choosy parents choose Jif!” – not a bad
conversion rate for his first ad!

Andrew has produced humorous and compelling creative content for every format, from
billboards and radio spots, to multimedia and social media campaigns for media and
technology companies like Lenovo, Philips Interactive, Sony, Universal, and Warner Bros.

At Warner Home Entertainment, Andrew was a Senior Copywriter – and later, the Director
of Editorial – producing, writing, and editing the content on over 10,000 Warner titles and
on multiple entertainment websites. He also produced special features and online content
and was responsible for innovations in navigational functionality and structure for video
formats including DVD and Blu-Ray.

In 2011, Andrew became the proud father to his wonderful son, George Bailey. Inspired by
Georgie to find ways to make the world a better place for children (and those who used to
be children), Andrew provided free resume and job counseling assistance for more than
400 people.

He also began writing pro bono Public Service Announcements, and publishing daily
#PSAaDay messages on Facebook – helpful bits of info and inspiration, meant to improve
and perhaps even save lives.  To quote Martin Luther King Jr., “Life’s most persistent and
urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?’”

Andrew is known for writing humor with heart. He is currently writing his first book,
Hero Complex: Solving 99.9% of the World’s Problems… without Help from Superheroes!
(Over 50 Original, Humorous and Not-So-Humorous Public Awareness TV Campaigns).

Andrew is humbled and honored to sit on the Desire to Inspire Foundation’s Board of

Jan Grobler is a Life and Transformation Coach. He believes that every human life has genius with which to gift this world and he enjoys the discovery of his client’s own unique potential.

Jan is also a Cognitive Behavioral Therapist, Spiritualist and Teacher – using all his gifts coupled with Neurolinguistics to give a con- solidated experience of just how amazing his client is!

Additionally, Jan is a public speaker and enjoys connecting with audiences on various heart- centered and life changing topics. His Trans- formation Courses, designed to help people grow into the best version of themselves, can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

Jan Grobler

Jan Grobler

Dr. Serggio Garcia-Guillen

Most of Dr. Serggio Garcia-Guillen’s life has been focused around the wonderful healing and medical arts, including the Red Cross and biomolecular medicine. He graduated as a medical doctor in Monterrey Mexico. He is an Urban Zen Integrative Therapist, Certified of Sciences in Theta healing, and a Reiki Usui Master.

Dr. Serggio believes that everything with the pure and right intention from our hearts can be used as a medicine, then bring us closer to healing.
He is currently working as an Integrative Therapist providing mental, spiritual support one to one as well teaching Theta healing seminar/workshops internationally.

Adama Kalokoh

Nana Kontor Nketiah

Nana Kontor Nketiah was a professional banker with over 13 years banking experience. Nana has been actively involved in community services by volunteering with a number NGO’s such as Foundation For The Mentally Challenged, Rescue Me Foundation International, You At Heart Foundation, Desire To Inspire Foundation, Impact Sierra Leone, Humanity For The World and Save The Young Girls Foundation Orphanage. He does all these because he has the passion for helping the poor and needy.
Some 2 years ago, he gave up banking to become a full time charity worker with The Desire To Inspire Foundation where he is the Global Development Director his office has touched and transformed numerous lives through the partnership with other charity organizations.
Currently working on projects that aims at empowering the youth through
skills training and medical outreach. He is a board member for four of the above mentioned charities. Initiated a number of initiatives to enhance skills among the poor and needy in selected communities. Loves reading and listening to music at leisure. Lastly, He believes in learning daily to improve his practice and also to be a change agent wherever he finds himself

Irene Sevordzie

Dawn A Witte

Dawn Airhart Witte

Entrepreneur, author, international speaker and philanthropist Dawn Airhart Witte has a mission: to inspire people around the world to find their purpose and live it!  She is a certified life coach and the founder of the Desire to Inspire Foundation, a non-profit organization that connects with communities around the world to break cycles of extreme poverty.  Dawn has also penned several books, including Be… which imparts an important message about perseverance, purpose and putting kindness out into the world.

Though she’s involved in many projects, Dawn’s most proud of her role as a mom to two daughters. Nurturing their hearts and spirits drives a deep desire to do the same for children everywhere. And Dawn is doing exactly that through Desire to Inspire and purposeful trips around the world providing much-needed assistance in the form of clean water, education, clothing, food, books and love. It was after her first trip to Africa that Dawn fell in love with the community there and saw for the first time what she wanted her life’s work to be.

Today the foundation is in the process of building sustainability centers that will combine real world training with transformational life coaching principles to help people discover and use their talents to support themselves, their families, and communities.

Prior to following her passion to improve the world, Dawn held a number of leadership positions. She served as PTA President, NCL-LA Founder Chapter President, Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA), Big Sister, Public Works Commissioner for the City of La Canada Flintridge, and many others. She attended Cornell University and earned certification in Animal Assisted Therapies from Harcum College.

Dawn recently received an Honorary Doctorate in Humanitarianism from the Global International Alliance. She is the 2021 Women of Achievement Ms. Elite Southern California titleholder and was recently appointed as Chaplain of the USA Ladies of All Nations International (LOANI) group for California. Through each experience, she has learned a great deal about leadership and the importance of inspiring people to greatness.

Through each experience, she has learned a great deal about leadership and the importance of inspiring people to greatness.

Dawn is regularly featured across all forms of media, including, iHeartRadio, Well World TV, The Balance Doctor, The Naked Truth Podcast, Nora Gouma Magazine,, the BS3 Sports and Music Show, Indie Music Discovery, and more.

In addition to helping others through coaching and her foundation, Dawn is currently working on a branded skincare and fragrance line which will help raise money for her sustainability projects in Africa.

No matter the challenge, Dawn believes in Pamela Leo’s words, “Children need at least one person in their life who thinks the sun rises and sets on them, who delights in their existence, and loves them unconditionally.”