Life is a compilation of many journey’s we take. Some we forget, but others we remember and inspire us for the rest of are lives. Such is a journey that The Desire to Inspire Foundation gives us the chance to experience. It is a journey that will impact your life by allowing you to pour out your love to so many who are in need of it. In helping these souls who are without homes or any shelter or basic necessities you will touch lives and be over filled with love that is given back to you. The Desire to Inspire Foundation believes a heart that is empty will be filled with love, a heart filled with love will be over flowing with even more love. It is an endless cycle of love as we inspire others to give back as they have been given. The mission is to help all those in need and give them the tools to become independent and have direction of their own path. Turn possibilities into abilities. To allow a sense of pride and purpose to spread throughout the whole community.

These inspirations can happen with not only our determination but also with our donations because they make it all possible. Donations allow fruitless communities to flourish, and make journeys unforgettable. A gift from the heart no matter the size allows amazing journey’s to happen for all. It makes dreams a reality.

Our journey will take us to Kayunga, Uganda and The Desire to Inspire Foundation will join Shine Outreach Ministries and the Honorable Geoffrey Mach, who is an esteemed member of parliament Uganda. The Desire to Inspire Foundation will also be helping at Mama Josephine’s Foundation to provide as much help as they can. There will also be another groundbreaking ceremony in Kayunga, Uganda, that you must experience with the Honorable Fred Baseke,

A journey can be so powerful that it is unforgettable in our hearts. It creates memories that ignite our passion within ourselves for the rest of our lives. This is such a journey.

Please take this amazing journey, the third annual journey for The Desire to Inspire Foundation, in July 2019. This will be a chance to witness and experience the beautiful souls in Uganda and the love they are waiting to give to all those that they meet. Let this give you the desire to inspire all that you meet on your journey of life.

You can BE the change you wish to see in the world.  Sign up today to join us for the memorable adventure.  You will BE changed.

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  1. A place well equipped with no flaws throughout your stay.

2. Another view of the place!!!

3. Our coaster bus is ready to take you anywhere. This trip is completely stress-free.

4. Join us and let’s share the success story together.