“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.”

~ Anne Frank

Together We Stand

With the collaboration of ambassadors from around the globe and the active team members working onsite we are making incredible strides towards our goal of better the lives of those who are suffering.

Each effort of kindness and love makes all the difference.

Latest Community Activity

Thomas’ Blog – Savior Children’s Foundation – Kasoa, Ghana

Thomas Arthur is my name.I am 18 years of age.The name of my school is Savior Children Foundation it is located at Adam Nana,the building of my school is in a wooden structure, it is green and violet in colour.I have four siblings three girls and one boy. Am from cape coast in the central region of Ghana.Am from a poor race and am an orphan child. My pare divorced when I was at the age of (12)years old. My father left l and my siblings away and he was not caring for us any more. My mother was not working to cater for us, therefore there was no money for or food so sometimes we sleep without food due to this condition I stop schooling,I go to the market begging for money, my mother too is not well educated Pearson so she has no work to do so I stopped begging for money and I started going to the road side to pick pure water satchels so as it continued I saw a certain man who was close to our house told my mother that he knows a certain orphanage home and he said,he know the head master of the school, so he will discuss our situation with him and tell him what we have been passing through. So through that man,I came to the orphanage home and I was very happy because if it wasn’t Mr Patrick where would I be, like I will still begging from others I’m very greatful unto him for raising me up from the terrible situation. The cause I like to study at school is auto-mechanic. I like playing football. I want to be an auto engineer .It means a lot in my life because when I saw you,I was very happy because I know u will make my dreams come through and also make someone in future..

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We believe that with numbers we can accomplish so much more. We are always looking for organizations with a cause that fits within our vision of making the world a better place through spreading kindness and love.

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Of course funding is always necessary to make these large impacts. We always graciously welcome donations and recognize those who share the Desire to Inspire.

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While we are making great strides there is always a need for those who actively want to get involved. As we grow we will begin navigating the dedication of our volunteers to various destinations throughout the world to participate in projects that will build communities and provide sustainability.

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