Mama Josephine became a widow in 1986 when her husband was brutally slaughtered, and her two sons and daughter were taken captive by the Lakwena Rebels. She felt that her life had become useless until 1991, when she started taking in children who had been orphaned due to war and HIV/AIDS. Taking care of these children gave her new hope and the inspiration to transform the lives of those who needed it the most.

Currently, Mama Josephine has 67 children in her care, ranging from ages 2 to 18.  They sleep five or six children per bunk bed and everyone shares a single toilet. In addition to severe overcrowding, the orphanage is located only a few feet away from a night club that poses a real danger to the children. With your help, we hope to build a BEyond sustainable orphanage in a safe environment and with adequate space for the 67 children there, and any more that need a home. A portion of this land will be used to farm crops which will be sold to produce income for ongoing expenses.