To all our Desire to Inspire Givers Award Winners, THANK YOU for inspiring us and the world to live lives of service and dedication to others. Thank you for extending the ripple effect of kindness through your words, actions, and BEing.

Our 2018 Desire to Inspire Givers Award Recipients

Laura Lynne Jackson
Author of The Light Between Us and
Signs: The Secret Language of the Universe

“Nobody lives a small life. No one is forgotten by the universe. All of us can greatly brighten the world”- Laura Lynne’s message of the power of love inspires us to live a life from love as it is that which extends beyond this lifetime and the next.

Ali Mae Thompson’s selfless acts of giving, combined with her serene & gentle spirit make her the very definition of inspiration.  She worked with the non-profit organizations “Messages in the Street” & “Waste Warriors” in India, painting inspirational murals of environmental awareness. She also had an undeniable calling to donate her kidney in honor of a dear friend’s 4-year old daughter, Lua.

Ali Mae Thompson
Kundalini & Hatha Yoga Teacher,
Reiki Energy Healer, Artist & Organ Donor

Laura J. Swan
Author of Conscious Feminine Leadership for our Time and the Power of Circle

Laura J Swan is a devoted wife and mother, a women’s life and leadership coach, and a passionate advocate of women’s healing, leadership, and empowerment. She is a beautiful soul, spreading messages of self-love and acceptance. She seamlessly weaves our desire to live to our highest potential with our need to love ourselves and trust our own voices.

Our 2017 Desire to Inspire Givers Award Recipients

Wendy Levine
Founder of The Beauty Bus

We are inspired by Wendy and her mission to deliver loving kindness, support and compassion to seriously ill patients and their caregivers through beauty services.

Carole’s passion for rescuing dogs from the streets, situations of abuse and neglect, and from LA’s high-kill shelters while providing attention, training and permanent adoptive homes makes her a Desire to Inspire favorite for making the world a better place.

Carole Pearson
Founder of The Dog Squad

Debbie Unruh
Founder of The Elizabeth House

For over 25 years, the Elizabeth House has been providing shelter and services for pregnant women experiencing homelessness and their vulnerable children. Debbie founded the Elizabeth House to ensure that when women walk through their doors for the first time they become family.